MSNPlus is a software developed officially by, which provides better experience for users of on Windows Live Messenger (MSN) as putting prompts for group alert of and avoiding harassment.
Moreover, MSNPlus can also add functions as "Screen Capture", "Photo Express", "Enhanced File Transfer" for Messenger, making it more convenient and user-friendly.
Group Massage Alert
Put shining prompts of in the status bar, avoiding the frequent harassments of the group alerts.
Auto-open Activity Panel
When receive the invitation of Activity Panel of, accept it and open it automatically. Multi-sign-in
Enable you signing in more than one Messenger account at the same time.
Enhanced File Transfer
Transmit several huge files in a single time, feel the High-Speed you've never imagine!
Screen Capture
Easily make a screenshot and sent to buddies, shortcut available.
Photo Express
Preview the pictures before send it and the pictures transmitted would show directly in the conversation.

Last Updated:2010-06-18 17:12:40
File size:1.53MB
Screenshot:Not Available
OS:WinVista, WinXP

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